Hi, I'm Asher Boardman. I am an Artist based in the Akatarawa Valley, New Zealand.

I am inspired by the Mountains and wilderness that surround my home. 

In my work I like to illustrate the impact and confusion that the changing and destroying of natural environments has on the creatures of the world.

I have a Degree in Visual Arts which has led me in a couple of different directions creatively. I'm really enjoying the style of art I am now exploring. 

I also just love the aesthetic of woodland creatures like foxes, rabbits, deer etc I'm really enjoying finding ways to use them in my work.


My work centers around the concept of human interference in an animal's world. I have approached this theme from the perspective of an animal, trying to survive in a world where it's habitat is forever changing due to human presence.

The use of concrete and harsh geometric shapes in my work creates a contrast to the organic forms that I use to represent nature. These stark and jarring shapes are a symbol of the modern day environment we live in, as we encroach on an animal's natural environment more and more, as we continue to expand our habitat into theirs. 

The animals in my work are often submerged in a foreign world of harsh contrast, black and white patterns and objects that do not normally appear in an animal's natural world. The use of black or white animal silhouettes in my work, represents their presence or absence, as they gradually disappear from their natural landscape.

I am passionate about conservation and feel strongly that we need to protect what natural landscapes we have left and allow threatened species to live as freely as nature intended. This is something I will continue to explore in further works.